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New Options for LG Blogs

Email subscriptions are now enabled for our curated blog feed. Email digests are available for our Hudson Valley, Pioneer Valley and New York feeds via Feedburner.

Follow our social media accounts for even more news, blog posts, and member updates for each of our areas.

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Guest Blog: Food Is My Porn

Local Greenie was invited to guest blog for recommended Hudson Valley Blog Food Is My Porn. Check out our review of Cafe Evolution, a vegan cafe in Florence, MA!

Speed Improvements

All Local Greenie area sites are now significantly faster, thanks to some improvements in our site design. Check out the Newswire, our collection of local blogs, to see the most dramatic change. Enjoy!

Vote for Local Greenie in the MassChallenge!

Local Greenie is a website featuring local profiles, news and jobs. The site grew out of our desire to give ethical local businesses a place to promote their good work. Recently, we added the ability for users to easily post their own news, events, and jobs to the site.

MassChallenge is an annual competition for entrepreneurs. Every entrant, not just the winners, receives access to workshops, mentors, executives, other team members and sources of funding. Experts from the Massachusetts business community identify the highest potential startups, which will receive cash prizes and qualify for privileged access to funding sources from across Massachusetts. There is a total of $1 million of prize money available. This presents an incredible opportunity for us – for getting in touch with ally organizations, increasing our visibility, and even potential funding.

The competition is decided on two factors: judging from a panel and user rating, which is based on online votes for Local Greenie on the MassChallenge website. We would like to cordially invite you to view our page and cast your vote for Local Greenie.

Voting is a two step process:

First you register here: (Please choose "Supporter" as your role of participation in registration)


and then vote on our page here:


Votes received before noon on May 2 will be counted towards first round scores, and votes received before noon May 18 will be counted towards second round scores.

MassChallenge is an amazing opportunity for startups to get noticed and we encourage you to check out this year's crop of awesome entrants. Thanks for considering us!


Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/localgreenie

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Local-Greenie/110398928964


Local Greenie featured on CityBizList

The Boston chapter of CityBizList, an online business journal, recently featured an article on Local Greenie's redesign. Regarding the site's new look, founder Cody Torn is quoted as saying, "I'm most proud of the site's informative nature. It makes it easy to compare organizations and make the best decision as a consumer."

Read the full article at CityBizList.

Dynamic Maps

Mapping ethical businesses.

One of the features of the redesign that we're most excited about is the integration with Google Maps. Using Google Maps API, we've created a way to view a dynamic map of all the profiled businesses in an area.

The Pioneer Valley site has now grown to over 60 profiles! To view profiles on a map for any of the sites, simply view profiles and select "view as map."


Site Relaunch

Brand New for 2011

We are thrilled to share the new and improved localgreenie.org! In 2008, we started work on the project: a web-based guide to the ethical practices of local businesses. It began with a simple concept -- to give consumers the information to make decisions based on their own values. Instead of star-based ratings or 'seals,' profiles on Local Greenie display contributions in four areas: Environment, People, Community and Animals/Wildlife. Our new site makes it even easier for users to compare contributions and for businesses to create and manage their profiles. Check out our Pioneer Valley (MA), Hudson Valley (NY) and New York City sites and let us know what you think. Happy New Year!